Inside the FBI’s Half-Secret Relationship with Hollywood

FBI was requested for help by Henry-Alex Rubin, the famous director for his cyber drama named ‘Disconnect’ in 2012. He actually wanted some notes for the accuracy of the screen play. But later he suspected that they wanted a little more from him.

He reminded that an employee from FBI called him to make some changes in a scene where two agents were aggressively questioning a journalist. The agent remarked that they didn’t work in that manner. They approach to the people in a very cooperative and kind attitude so that more fruitful results can be yielded rather than being aggressive and suspicious. Resulting to it, the scene was changed by Rubin.

The director was right in saying that FBI was in a keen interest regarding the public perception. Many of the FBI documents have revealed that FBI is interested in seeking control and burnish its image by consulting on the films.

Over the years, Hollywood’s public and publicity affairs unit has assisted in many movies and TV shows. Bob Simonds has told us about several incidents when FBI has joined hands with Hollywood to create cinematic masterpieces. For example, Mark felt: the man who brought down the white house, a biopic of Watergate leaker deep throat; some episodes of Fatal Encounters docu-series. The documents also say that the bureau had viewed these units as a marketing tool for the agency which wants to create an FBI brand.

FBI not just fielded the queries from moviemakers; rather play a proactive role at the times when opportunity rises for the advancement of their own interest in public relations. The chief of investigative Public and Publicity Affairs, Christopher Allen, told that FBI can’t tell the exact number of productions assisted by it, but FBI featured productions is at a fast pace. Mark Felt got released on 29th September. Mindhunter, a premier by Netflix came out in October which depicts a series regarding FBI agents who keeps a track on serial killers. CBS will break out episode numbered 280 of its own serial killer project, i.e. Criminal Minds. Netflix consulted FBI directly for the new series along with the assistance of an agent who wrote Mind Hunter. John E. Douglas is the real consultant of the show. Criminal Minds also too consultation from the bureau and recently an agent has turned to be a producer and had his 11th writing to get credited over the show.

Matthew Cecil, an FBI scholar told that FBI is in relation with Hollywood from past 8 decades. But is very secretive about how they interact with the Hollywood filmmakers. It took almost 3 years along with a lawsuit to lose out these documents. But along with that nearly a dozen of filmmakers have spoken openly about professionalism and thoroughness of FBI employees’ interaction with them. Filmmakers declared that they seek assistance from FBI just because they want their work to be more realistic and appreciable. The FBI had always been extremely open and cooperative at the time of productions.

These all evidences show that FBI has close relations with Hollywood and many of the successful productions had FBI’s support behind them.