Geology of Trolltunga

The high cliff is composed of the Precambrian bedrock and also was developed throughout the Ice Age, roughly 10,000 years back, when the sides of the glacier got to the high cliff. The route to Trolltunga additionally passes with the bedrock as well as cleaned unsafe hills in the history likewise including gneiss.

The trailhead is situated by a tiny vehicle parking location with bathroom centers at Skjeggedal, regarding 7 kilometers from Norwegian National Road 13 in Tyssedalen, near the dam at the end of Ringedalsvatnet. Parking prices 500 NOK/day (approx. 5].

The walk from the parking lot to Trolltunga and also back once more is a 27-kilometre round-trip in the surface with 1,100 meters of altitude gain, and also takes about 10– 12 hrs, consisting of breaks.


Trolltunga (Troll’s tongue) is a rock development positioned concerning 1,100 meters over sea degree in the community of Odda in Hordaland area, Norway. The unique high cliff is sticking out flat out from the hill, right into complimentary air concerning 700 meters (2,300 feet) over the north side of the lake Ringedalsvatnet.

The appeal of the walk to Trolltunga as well as rock development itself has actually blown up in current years. The raised appeal has actually transformed Trolltunga right into a nationwide symbol as well as a significant vacationer destination for the area. Up until 2010, much less compared to 800 individuals treked to trolltunga each year.

Geology of Trolltunga

A Guide To Hiking Trolltunga

There are a number of points to take a right into factor to consider when choosing to trek Norway’s trolltunga. Do you mind tipping in mud pools as huge as Rhode Island? There’s no doubt that this is among one of the most literally requiring journeys we would certainly ever before gotten on in our lives. It was 22 kilometers (~ 13.6 miles) big salami, and also took us an overall of 11 hrs (6 hrs up, 1 hr at Trolltunga, as well as 4 hrs pull back).