Breast Enlargement Surgery: What are the Risks?

Breast Enlargement Surgery: What are the Risks?

The idea of having larger and more attractive breasts is very appealing to a lot of women.

Not surprisingly many of these women look into breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately this surgery is not without its risks which include:

  • The possibility of something going wrong with anesthetics. Unlike other kinds of cosmetic surgery, breast implantation is an invasive surgery. A woman will have to go to the hospital and be knocked to undergo it. This is a risky kind of surgery.
  • Breast implants do leak. In 1982, silicone gel breast implants were banned in the United States because they were thought to be harmful. Saline breast plants which are also widely used have been known to leak.
  • Women can not afford it. Breast implants will usually cost several thousand dollars.
  • Health insurance policies will only cover reconstructive breast surgery after an accident or cancer. Insurance will not cover cosmetic procedures like breast implants.
  • Health insurance policies may not cover the side effects of breast enlargement surgery. For example some policies won’t pay for conditions related to silicone gel implants.
  • A woman who undergoes the surgery may have to take time off from work. This could be several days or longer depending on how long it takes to recover from the surgery.
  • There are many other potential risks to surgery. These include infection; dangerous bacteria found in hospitals are getting stronger and deadlier. It is now estimated as many as one in ten of the people that spend time in a hospital get sicker from the germs found there.
  • There is also the possibility that a botched surgery will leave scars on the breasts. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other groups is constantly warning women about unlicensed and inexperienced surgeons.

Breast Enlargement Surgery: What are the Risks?

Alternatives to Breast Augmentation Surgery

Fortunately there are breast enlargement alternatives that do not involvement these risks. None of these alternatives is as effective as the surgery but they are safer. Some of these alternatives include:

  • Herbal and other natural supplements like Breast Actives that can promote breast growth.
  • Exercises.
  • Massage.
  • Changing to a diet rich in foods that encourage the production of human growth hormone in the body.

These alternatives have none of the risks or costs associated with breast surgery. Women should definitely look into these methods before considering breast surgery.